Scala Intramap

Intramap have following definition:

def imap[A, B](fa: F[A])(f: A => B)(g: B => A): F[B]

So when you have Funtor[A] and you want to create new Functor[B] which is invariant with Functor[A] you can use imap method.

In following example, You I’ve wrote Codec for Person type, by using String Codec.

trait Codec[A] {
  self =>
  def encode(value: A): String

  def decode(value: String): A

  def imap[B](dec: A => B, enc: B => A): Codec[B] = new Codec[B] {
    override def encode(value: B): String =

    override def decode(value: String): B =

def encode[A](value: A)(implicit c: Codec[A]): String = c.encode(value)

def decode[A](value: String)(implicit c: Codec[A]): A = c.decode(value)

object CodecImplicits {

  implicit val stringCodec: Codec[String] = new Codec[String] {
    override def encode(value: String): String = value

    override def decode(value: String): String = value

  implicit val intCodec: Codec[Int] = stringCodec.imap(
    _.toInt, _.toString

import CodecImplicits._

case class Person(name: String, age: Int)

implicit val personCodec: Codec[Person] = stringCodec.imap[Person](
  str => {
    val lines = str.split(',')
    Person(decode[String](lines(0)), decode[Int](lines(1)))
  person => s"${},${person.age}"

val ali: String = encode[Person](Person("Ali", 25))
val mohammad: Person = decode[Person]("Mohammad,23")



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